KeyMusician Keyboard Tutorials

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This section summarizes the lessons (in the form of tutorials) that are installed with the application.  The lessons in this form are excellent for people who are good at self-study.

For people who prefer to have things personally shown to you, the video lessons are better.

First off, to get you started quickly, we have the Quick-Start Tutorial – The absolute minimum you need to know in order to play the instrument.  You should still go through tutorial 1, or you will miss out on useful things you really would like to know.

  1. An Introduction to the KeyMusician Keyboard – Covers everything on playing the instrument.  Everyone (even if you’re already a musician) should read this tutorial.
  2. Learning to Play Music from MIDI Files – How to learn to play music by playing MIDI files on the Player/Recorder, matching the notes from the player (shown in red), with the notes you play (shown in blue, turning green when you match the note).
  3. Improvising Your Own Music with MIDI Files – How to improvise your own music along with other music (such as the several exercise files), which is one of the easiest, and most enjoyable ways of learning music.
  4. Improvising Your Own Music With Audio Files – How to improvise your own music, playing along with audio files.  The big thing to learn in this lesson, is how to determine the key-signature.  Once you figure out the key-signature, and set it, improvising becomes easy, and rewarding.
  5. Learning to Play Tunes from Sheet-Music – How to play tunes from written music, by matching the note-heads (the round part of the notes, which tells you the pitch) with what is in the written music.  Numerous exercises are provided.  If you’re familiar with the tune you’re playing, all you need to know is the pitch
  6. Learning to Play Sheet-Music on the KeyMusician Keyboard – Learn how to recognize the shape of the notes (and their corresponding rests) determine the length of the note (or rest).  Learn to play a piece of music (having 5 sharps) from the written music.
  7. Reading Chords In Sheet-Music – How to play chords in written music, in detail.  Covers the various ways different music publishers will use to show the same chord.  Shows you how to interpret and play complex chords.
  8. Recording And Layering – How to use the MIDI Recorder/Player to record the music you play.  You can add additional parts (playing and recording along with what is already there), which is called layering.
  9. Questions And Answers – Q & A from early in the history of the instrument.
  10. Recording Audio From The Java Sound Synth, Using The ‘Audacity’ App. (On Linux) – How to record an audio file from the music you play on the instrument (using the Java Sound Synthesizer), with better quality than using microphones.
  11. Recording Audio From Qsynth In Rosegarden, Using JACK (On Linux) – How to record an audio file from the music you play on the instrument (using Qsynth), with better quality than using microphones.
  12. Volume Control (Dynamics) – How to use the numeric keypad to instantly set the volume of what you play to specific volume levels shown in the music.  Do gradually louder, and gradually softer volume changes in an automated fashion, even doing notes marked “sfz” by pressing a single key.
  13. Counting Out Rhythms In Sheet-Music – How to play rhythms in written music, with precise accuracy, by counting-out the rhythm (in your mind) as you play it.  Comes from lessons learned over years of playing in school band.
  14. Repetition In Music – How to recognize and properly play, the various ways in which sections of written music are repeated, from simple repeat bar-lines, to things like “D. C. Al Fine”.

Exercises Music, Supplied as Files

1 KB 9/28/12 4:24:27 PM MDT
2 KB 10/3/12 1:41:12 PM MDT
1 KB 9/28/12 4:35:42 PM MDT
1 KB 9/28/12 4:23:30 PM MDT
2 KB 9/20/12 3:06:45 PM MDT
2 KB 9/20/12 3:09:49 PM MDT
1 KB 10/5/12 11:35:01 AM MDT
3 KB 9/6/12 2:39:42 PM MDT
3 KB 9/6/12 2:42:44 PM MDT
4 KB 9/6/12 2:44:49 PM MDT
3 KB 9/6/12 2:47:49 PM MDT
6 KB 9/6/12 2:49:04 PM MDT
4 KB 9/6/12 2:50:44 PM MDT
5 KB 9/6/12 2:51:45 PM MDT
2 KB 9/6/12 2:53:09 PM MDT
3 KB 9/6/12 2:54:33 PM MDT
5 KB 9/6/12 2:55:55 PM MDT
3 KB 9/6/12 2:57:01 PM MDT
4 KB 9/6/12 2:59:35 PM MDT
3 KB 9/6/12 3:02:31 PM MDT
8 KB 9/6/12 3:03:36 PM MDT
37 KB 5/27/13 6:09:04 PM MDT
File:31-Aere-Romance in Descending Thirds-GM.mid
22 KB 5/27/13 6:10:56 PM MDT
2 KB 5/27/13 6:45:35 PM MDT
23 KB 5/27/13 6:49:27 PM MDT
6 KB 2/2/13 7:36:47 PM MST
16 KB 3/23/14 4:22:18 PM MDT
15 KB 5/27/13 7:19:30 PM MDT
15 KB 2/3/13 6:53:15 PM MST
18 KB 2/3/13 7:19:44 PM MST
10 KB 2/3/13 7:36:50 PM MST

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There are also a lot of KMK Newsletter articles that are actually tutorials, that can be helpful in your learning.

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