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Many people have found that they can play music in hours, not days.  The learning curve is a lot shorter.  But do realize, that this is not ‘automatic’ and that effort on your part is needed.  Developing reflex memory comes with practice.

What You Get With the KeyMusician Keyboard:

  • The KeyMusician Keyboard application, which turns your computer into a performance-quality musical instrument.
  • Video Lessons, Tutorials, and lesson materials, for learning to play music, and the instrument, as well as the KeyMusician Songbook, containing a variety of music designed to help you learn to play the instrument.
  • Detailed instructions on installing the application.
  • Step-by-step, detailed instructions, on how to improve your system, taking advantage of the music software available on each operating system. 
  • A newsletter with interesting articles, and tips & tricks of using the KeyMusician Keyboard.

What you need to run the KeyMusician Keyboard application:

  • A computer, running Windows, Linux, or MacOS (including with the Apple M1 chip, using the Rosetta software).    It doesn’t run on iOS.  Chromebook?   Maybe –  Learn more.
  • A physical keyboard, having a separate numeric key-pad (because you need to play the keys by feel, and keep your eyes on the music)
  • A sound system or headphones for your computer (because the sound of the instrument should inspire the musician)
  • A screen resolution of at least 1024 pixels wide, by 670 pixels high

Note: If you are already a musician, and are okay with reading tutorials for learning to play the instrument, you can get just the instrument, without the music lessons, for a much lower price.

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Protecting your personal information, and computer security, is important to us:

  • Your personal information is safeguarded by Mailchimp 
  • The application employs a trusted, revocable code-signing certificate through DigiCert

Note: If you are a school, or other organization needing multiple licenses, please e-mail us at:


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