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“I’d Rather Play This!”

The KeyMusician Keyboard: Turn Your Computer Into a Quality Musical Instrument

Play your favorite music on your computer keyboard.

This full-length piece starts out with piano music played entirely in the melody portion of the keyboard, then becomes (with string accompaniment in the chords) a Piano solo, then a Cello solo, an Oboe solo, a Flute solo, and finally a French Horn (and brass) ensemble for a big finish, complete with a rumbling bass note that vibrates the hall. Notice in particular, the seamless transitions from playing one instrument, to playing another instrument.

A new musical technique yields a beautiful, unique sound.

Watch the video below, taking note of the following details:

1. Chords, played with the left hand, are higher-up, in the middle-range, where they sound better.
2. The bass-line is played with the thumb of the right hand.
3. The melody is played with the other fingers of the right hand, way up high.
4. Layered voices (such as piano/strings), or orchestral sounds allow the use of those ethereal, high notes.
5. The sustain-pedal control (which would blur-together melody notes) is not needed, since all the notes are within easy, simultaneous reach.
6. Notice how simple and easy it is to play, even after changing to a key-signature having 4 sharps.
7. Using a gamers’ keyboard with anti-ghosting, you can play an independent note simultaneously with each finger – notice the 10-note chord at the end.

Can you play Guitar on the KeyMusician Keyboard?

Where often guitarists don’t go beyond expressive strumming of chords and singing the melody, with the real-time music display of the notes you play on the KeyMusician Keyboard, it makes sense to go directly to classical guitar.  In the video below, watch for the key-signature change.  It’s like moving the capo on the guitar in less than a second. 

Did you have piano lessons or guitar lessons growing up, but gave up on it because it took so long?

The KeyMusician Keyboard takes only months to learn, rather than years.  This gives you another chance at playing an instrument, and you’ll know quickly if it’s working.

“I thought that I was not musical at all– I had failed at school band, and then at church choir, but now, I have discovered the joy of playing music, — and doing it well, if the audience is to be believed, and the KeyMusician Keyboard made this possible!!” — Malcolm

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“Play music with chords and melody, within a month.”

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